Little Duck Arrives!!!

I meant for this to be a short version of the birth story, but, it ended up much longer.  If you are interested in a detailed birth story enjoy!  Or if you’d rather, just skip to the pictures at the bottom.

Early Labor, Trying our best to eat, drink, and rest,… and snap a picture with the doggie, before the real stuff starts

Miah and I were planning on having a work day at Building BLOCS (my business).  We went to Home Depot to buy shelves.  I had some contractions happening while I was there, but this did not startle me at first as I’d been having lots of these for several weeks.  After one that was more uncomfortable, I told Miah, “I’m going to go to the bathroom, I think my water is going to break.”  (I really have no idea what made me say this.  Or what made me think that would happen.)  Went to the bathroom, nothing to report, walked out of the bathroom, got a drink of water and then the water started moving.  There was no “clean up on isle 4”, but there was definitely something strange happening.

I called the birth center and was told, “yep, sound like the waters breaking, go home get some sleep, eat, and drink.  Call back when you’re in active labor; or, if you’re not by morning, we’ll have you come in to try and get things moving.”

Because we had started having shelves cut for the office and because we didn’t seem to be in any particular rush, we stayed and waited for the shelves to finish being cut, and I made phone calls to the family letting them know what was going on.  Remember now, that we weren’t expecting our little girl for at least another week, and babies in our families all like to come late.

We finally went home, stopping at Building BLOCS to drop shelves, then Taco Cabana on the way to pick up some tacos.

Contractions picked up, but they were not very regular or close together.  Around 10pm, Miah went to the guest bed to get some sleep while the contractions were still manageable for me.  He only got 2 hours before the contractions were much more intense and I had to wake him for support.  In another hour, they were at the 4-1-1 level  (4 minutes apart, 1 minute long for 1 hour) point and we called the birthing center.  From the time they got to that point they were pretty much on top of one another.

We went to the birthing center, Roswitha and Cat were there to greet us.  They did an exam, and I was only 2 cm dilated, but 100% effaced.  I was unhappy about the 2 cm part, but at least I knew things were moving.  We worked through contractions trying anything to make me more comfortable.  Miah got a great work out rubbing my back and helping me around.  He was absolutely a fantastic birth partner.  We had several conversations previously about what I thought would be the most helpful to me during labor.  Most of it involved just doing things and not asking questions, i.e., if I need to be drinking put a straw in my mouth, don’t ask me if I want to drink or what I want to drink.  I know from my asthma that I don’t process those kinds of things well, and that I’ll usually opt out if given a choice.  If he offered something that seemed awful, I’d say no, but usually I would just take a drink because it was right there.  My mother arrived at around 3:30.  Her primary job was support for Miah, and communication lesion with the family outside.  It was nice having my mother there and for Miah it was wonderful being not having to go get things or get on the phone.

One of the wonderful birth assistants displays the rope that we used to finally push little duck out. Miah was also sore the next few days!

First Family Shot: this beautiful pic got sent out to family after the birth

9lbs 1/2oz. 21.5inches long

Meeting Grandpa Layton

Michelle was our child birth class leader. She was great, I felt like I was very well prepared… as far as information goes. But that information I’m sure helped us manage all the sensations that filled that day.

Before going home with Jennifer, the Midwife that delivered Duck.  Jennifer seemed to be a perfect fit for us.  We are so grateful to her!

Here we are going home. Gramma Rae stayed with us that night in case we were every overwhelmed or just needed some help. Duck has wonderful Grandparents.

Granddad Snapped A Few Pictures of Duck at 13 Days – More Coming Soon.

At 8:00am,  Roswitha checked me again, I was 6cm dilated.  Then the midwifes changed shifts and Jennifer took over.  It was about time for transition.  What they frequently refer to this part as the most difficult/painful part.  They also say it’s relatively short.  4 hours later, I would have agreed with the most difficult/painful part, but not the short part.  I spent the whole time in the tub. The tub was nice.  I hung out there until about 12:00.  Then it was time to push.

Because she was pretty far down at this point and moving well with the pushes, Jennifer, the midwife, was hopeful that my pushing phase would be short.  But our little girl’s head had other ideas! Two hours later, I was getting pretty exhausted, and feeling a little defeated,  We had tried several different positions and she didn’t seem to want to come out.  Jennifer, sensing my increased exhaustion, asked something to the effect of, “I need to know how tired you are, do you have energy to keep going?  We may need to go to the hospital and use a vacuum and we don’t want to wait until you are completely exhausted to go.  Do you have the energy to keep pushing?”

I did not want to go to the hospital.  I know that vacuums are used in labor safely all the time, but I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to have her right where I was.  And through all this, her heartbeat had remained very strong.  I would transfer immediately if I thought that my little girl was in danger; but, while I know it’s a very real danger, I didn’t want to have to go because I was tired.  I would not say that I immediately perked up, but that definitely gave me a boost/scare.

We tried a few more positions without much success then Jennifer suggested that we try the rope.  I call this the ski rope.  Don’t know what it is really called.  Miah held one end off the bed, I held the others then when the contraction came I pulled as hard as I could while pushing.  This was the ticket!  I felt like I was being more successful.  We did this for what seemed like an hour, though I have no gauge on time really.  Until finally our little girl emerged.  She was lovely and smurf like, with a racing helmet style cone head.  She came out looking like her daddy, if her daddy was also a smurf, and screaming.  We were in love.

Her Gramma Rae and Granddad had been waiting in the family waiting room for almost 4 hours before they got to come meet little duck.  All her grandparents came back to meet her.  She was 9lbs and .5oz and 21.5inches long, also she had a HUGE noggin.

We’re going to continue to call her little duck on the internet so if you have yet to hear the name shoot me a text or email and I’ll update you.

So grateful for everyone at Austin Area Birthing Center, who helped us prepare for this birth, with the birth itself, and the aftercare.
Also, a big thanks to all of my wonderful friends and everyone from the centering group that decided to get pregnant soon before us and passed on wonderful birth stories, information, and baby/postpartum supplies.
Thanks to everyone for the food and grocery trips.
And a special thanks and love to all the family that has loved supported and helped take care of us and Duck after her arrival. We love you guys!

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Boy or Grill!!! Gender Reveal Party

Boy or Grill: What’s in Stork for the Petersens!

Our wonderful sister(in-law) offered to throw us a gender reveal party.  The basics went like this.  We had our sonogram on Monday.  We told the sonographer that we didn’t want to know then, but we wanted her to write it down for us and put the answer in an envelope.  Our little one however, made this very hard and was curled up in a ball the entire time.  The sonogram went well, we were able to see our baby up on the screen and though we are waiting for the final OK from the radiologist, baby seemed to be healthy.  At the end the sonographer said that she felt confident enough to give us her best educated guess.  And she wrote that down for us.  Miah then delivered that envelope to Jette and Justin (who we later learned opened the envelope that moment).  Miah and I, had to wait until Saturday for the good news.  I’m still waiting for most of the pictures, Jette has a wonderful friend Elana, who helps with most of the prep work and whose husband, David, took lots of great pictures.  When I get those shots in I’ll post some as well.


Decorations and Bocce Ball!

Miah laser cut these bows that you could place on your head (girl) or neck (boy) they also served as fun play things for the kids.


Jette and Elana (the Organizers) unwind before guests arrive.

And for the grand finale, Miah and I cut the cake to reveal….

It’s a Girl!!!

Honestly, though we were both really clueless, all of our friends have been having girls, therefore, we were pretty set that we were gonna have a boy to keep the universe balanced. I, personally, was shocked when I got a hint of pink inside the cake, but happily so.  With all our friends having girls and my sister having a girl 3 months ahead, I’m pretty excited to be joining the club.

And can I just say… What an amazing cake!  Lots of hugs to Jette, Justin, Elana, and David and everyone that could share this day with us.

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Wall Decor

Miah’s good friends Neil and Diane bought us this really cool bike print when we got married, I got Miah another bike/bird print for our “paper” one-year anniversary.  It took us a year to hang things up, but, we did it!  

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Cinco de Miah – Monday with Miah

October 5, 2012 – Cinco de Miah

This potluck was full of tasty Miah themed treats.

John’s Pepper Covered Truffle Plate, Petersen Pumpkin Fondue, Jeff’s Hummus, Ravo’s Mango Salsa, and Henderson’s Perogies

Many amazing things came to this event, however, I have no memory of things unless there is photographic evidence.  A few samples are above.

I highly recommend the Pumpkin Fondue recipe if you have a spare pumpkin around after the holidays.  No voting took place at this event so I have no new tallies for you this week.

In exciting happenings, we got a visit from first time pot-lucker and very appropriately named, “Cinco” the puppy (See photo with Richard below).

See you next week!


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Miah’s Feverish Birthday – A Coffin and a Chu-Chu

Miah turned 33 this week!  We spent the whole week celebrating.  We started off with a “Cinco de Miah” themed potluck — Somebodies clever, but we can’t remember who.  On Miah’s birthday we had a giant birthday feast with all the austin family.  We went to our birthday standby, Korea House.  Bulgogi, Duck, and Chop Chae were enjoyed by all.  If you come to Austin, are interested in Korean food, and we haven’t taken you here.  Make sure that happens.  Our family is awesome.

Friday we got to spend some extra birthday hang out time with Amanda and Dan.  Facetime is one of my favorite modern technologies.  Amanda and Dan watched Miah open the present she got him (the game Yggdrasil – review to come).  And then through the magic of iPad, then hung out with us and our friends for the rest of the evening.  Sometimes I think it would be super awesome to zap someone from 200 years ago into my situation and watch them freak out.  This was one of those moments.

Saturday night was the coffin and chu-chu party.  A little hard to explain, but Miah has been interested in having a coffin party for some time now.  The food or drinks would be located inside a coffin, yes, originally this was suppose to be a halloween idea, but Miah kept his dream alive after the holidays had past, and for his birthday his dream was realized.  My friend Alana and I drove to San Antonio (her mother has a vampire coffin there, that she used for a party once) to collect the coffin.  We drove it back to Austin and kept it in my parents van until party day.

Now for the Chu-Chu part.  Miah’s favorite game in college was chu-chu rocket, he spent many hours playing this game with his best friend, Thomas Brown.  Miah had ambitions of playing this game on the big screen as part of our wedding festivities, but this dream was never realized.  So, for his birthday, I borrowed a friends projector screen, and we hooked up the game to the projector and flew lots of mice to the moon full of cheese (the premise of the game).  It was a blast.

I had lots of amazing help getting the party up and running.  Alyson traveled with me to get last minute supplies and set up outside and Jett and Justin finished off the hot work in the kitchen cooking all the foods that had to be cooked last minute.

Jett fries up pot stickers.


Justin preps goat cheese tomatos.

Alyson setting up the craft table.

The last super fun part of this party was the tee-shirt fashion show.  If you are a person who has met Miah, you might have noticed his love for funny, ironic, or clever tee-shirts.  Because of this, we had a tee-shirt decorating station at the party packed with shirts, tee-shirt markers, paints and iron-on letters.  People were encouraged to make Miah a shirt, and at the end of the night, there was a fashion show.  Here’s how it went down…

Runway Review

Miah’s starts the show with Dana’s orignal piece, “I burn you,” followed by Cam’s “I heart stupid puns,” signed by the designer. This set is rounded out with the Garyet’s “Pensive Bowie.”


Miah starts the second set with the a controversial McDave piece, “Thank You Al Gore for Porn” followed by Marsh’s nostalgic homage to the, “Dial Tone,” ending with an abstract by Giacomo of the model himself.


Famed designer Linda introduced a new element of class with her 2 sided work, “Why are you grilling me,” which can only be assumed is taken from the now legendary potluck theme.


Things brighten up, as Alyson’s work, “I bike, go fast,” on neon orange showcases both style and safety while highlighting Miah’s love of the bike and “going fast.”


The show raps up with the designer super duo Jett&Cars present, “I’m outstanding in My Field,” the deliberate typo in the first edition make it worth close to $9,000,000 at auction today, if were able to be located. McDave’s second, less controversal and more colorful piece “Miah Not Maya,” brought some much needed yellow lettering to the event and the Christie’s ode to Miah’s bright blue eyes, finished the show with a, “pop.”

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5 month recap!

Commencing massive memory dump.

  •  “Bean there, done that. ” or “Legume my dish!” –  The food was so particularly delicious that we forgot to vote.  Lucky for me this is more of a dictatorship than a democracy, so I declare my pumpkin chili the winner and give myself for 100 gazillion points, which puts us in 2nd place, right behind your mom 😀
  • “Gourdgeous” – Hot damn this was a good theme!  Not only did everything taste spectacular, but it had the added benefit of cleaning out our insides. I swear, I didn’t rig this one, but it was a Petersen family sweep.
    1. Pumpkin Fondue – Miah and Christie
    2. Curry – John
    3. Acorn quesedillas – Jette and Justin
  • “Dial M for Muffin!”  It should have been “Dial mmmmmmm for Muffin” but oh well.  Seriously, I am sure that I have never been as full at a MwM as I was at this one. Who knew that things so small could be so filling!
    1. Ba-na-na-nah <—- Who made this? I made no notes
    2. Pumpkin donut muffin + meatball muffins – Nancy
    3. Cookie Pie Muffin <—- Who made this? I made no notes
  • “Upstairs/Downstairs” (Dave and Carly)  The third place winner of the meta-potluck potluck was equal parts posh and poor.  There is no record of voting in our master voting booklet, which means that normally I’d just give myself another 1.2 thousand million points, but we made olive caviar and it was DISGUSTING, bleh bleh yuck.  So instead, I’m going to give 2 points to dave and carly for what is possibly my favorite dish name of all time, well at least the best of the ones that I can remember off the top of my head.
    1. The Slovenly Josephs – Dave and Carly
  • “Food on a stick” (Lindsay)  As second place winner of the meta-potluck potluck I expected more shish-kebab to, but we had more pie pops than anything really.
    1. Thanksgiving on a Stick – Dave and Carly
    2. Brie and Jam poptarts on a Stick – Allison and Giacomo
    3. First person to send me the name of their dish that I remember gets third since I can’t find the scoring sheet!
  • “Scandelicious” (Lauren) The big winner from the meta-potluck potluck did not turn into food represetations of the erotic debauchery that I expected.  Way to keep your minds out of the gutters people!
    1. Performance Enhancing Shortcake with Blood-Doping Jam & Steroid Cream – Lindsay
    2. White on Black Action – Sebastian
    3. Monica Meatcake – (who did this?)
  •  “Are you themeing behind my back?” – The meta-potluck to rule all potlucks!  It was a stroke of pure genius if you ask, not only was it delicious, but I didn’t have to work for nearly two months to get a good theme. 🙂  We judged the dishes and their respective themes separately, points for all.
    • Dishes:
      1. Pesto Pockets- Miah and Christie
      2. S’mores on a stick – Lindsay
      3. Chicken Enchiladas – Lauren
    • Themes:
      1. “Scandelicious” – Lauren
      2. “Food on a stick” – Lindsay
      3. “Upstairs/Downstairs” – Dave and Carly
  • Admiral Snackbar – It’s a wrap”  Oh how I wish I could claim credit for this theme(Jette) and the illustration(some one I don’t know), but alas, I can do neither, I’m just the facilitator
    1. Panini Napoletani – Giacomo and Allison
    2. Mini-apple Pies a la Mode – (who did this?)
    3. Leave the Gun, take the Cannoli – (who did this?)
  • “The Pretentious First Date”
    1. Olive Oil Ice cream – Jette and Justin
    2. Polenta Lasagna – Miah and Christie
    3. Waffles – Alana

And now we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.   Tomorrow is Cinqo de Miah+Subina!

If you have any pics or recipes for any of these dishes, send them my way and I’ll get them posted.

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Who’d a Dunk It – Monday with Miah

I tell you what… If you have missed the last 2 Monday with Miah’s you have missed out.  The food this week was incredible.  The weather was hot, but not too bad, and the inflatable pool outside died quickly and made a wet mess, but, it cooled our feet first.  I’m working on getting some more of the recipes together from the amazing dishes that came – See examples below.

Top Left- Carly's Biscotti with Amaretto, Top Right - Nancy's Corn Salsa, Bottom Left - Katie's Spinach Artichoke Dip, Bottom Right - Jett and Justin's Homemade Oreos

Voting was rough this time due to the large number of amazing dishes.  The top 3 scores went to…

Tied for 2nd – 

 Miah and Christie’s Ceviche

This dish was based on this Simple Peruvian Ceviche recipe.  For the fish we used Mahi-Mahi that Miah picked up at Quality Sea Food.  We added some fresh picked tomatos from the garden, and avocado to the finished product and served it on tortilla chips.


Also Tied for Second –

Chris and Subina’s Turkey Chili

Subina gave the following details on our Facebook group page. “My recipe was a slight variation of this one from food network. added some veggie juice and cumin/curry. Also left out the chili powder because chipotle peppers are spicy enough on their own! Turkey Chili Recipe ”


AND the Winner of this weeks MWM Complete with 10 Points and Lots of Bragging Rights is….

 Alison and Giacomo’s Chicken Satay

Alison said, “I used this as a starting point:
Tasty Kitchen: Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
There aren’t any measurements on the site, but it’s more fun that way! ”

And it very super tasty, so I’m inclined to believe her.


Making the current MWM totals:

Christie and Miah……… 15
Alison and Giacomo…… 13
Carly and David…………. 5
Subina and Chris……….. 5

NEXT Week – Pretentious First Date – Take from this whatever you want… There will be deliciousness.

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The Salt Lake Chronicles: Packing Up

Our flight home left around 3 in the afternoon, so we had a little time in Salt Lake before heading home.  Jason and I went for a morning run.  Jason took us to Kneader’s for the famous bottomless French Toast.  It was delicious and despite it’s bottomlessness I only had one portion.  I will display a beautiful picture below of our breakfast revelry.

After breakfast, Jason discovered the cherries on his tree, at first we were dismayed that they were so far out of reach until Jason realized we could crawl out of the second story window and pick lots of cherries from the roof.  This was fun.
 Following all these adventures, right before we left Jason checked KSL for me (which is like a Utah Classified Craigslist like website) and found me a cheap kindle.  I was back and forth on the kindle thing for a while since I like real books (and still do).  But, I have to admit that this is my new favorite toy and I’m loving the austin public library’s free kindle books that I can check out immediately and that expire in 2 weeks – no late fees ever (I’m sometimes bad about library late fees).
Our flight home was much less eventful than our flight out.  And we had friends on our plane which is always a fun surprise.  We learned our lesson after the first flight, checked in early, and were able to sit next to each other on both flights.  Happy ending to a really great week in Utah.

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The Salt Lake Chronicles: Camping in Manti -or- The Raccoon Took the Cheese

We wrapped up our adventure laden trip to the Great Salt Lake with a visit to Manti, Utah.  My grandparents retired to Manti, which is where they grew up.  I don’t get to see them all that often, so it was great to visit and to finally be able to introduce Miah to them, my aunt, and some of the cousins.  My brother’s girlfriend is a high school teacher and her summer just started so she joined us on this little pilgrimage.

Jason, Grandpa and Christie

After catching up with grandparents, we were planning on camping in the mountains by their house for the evening.  My Grandpa was amazing and spent hours fixing up some ATV’s so we could go four-wheeling.  We filled up a trailer with our crazy amount of overnight camping stuff and ventured up the mountain for the evening.

Overpacked Trailer Getting Ready to Head Up The Mountain

Miah volunteered to pull this trailer with his ATV which meant he spent most of his time in 2nd or 3rd gear.  It also meant we didn’t get up to where we were camping until after dark.


Miah, Kami, and Jason enjoy the warm glow of the fire.

Despite our fears of freezing temperatures and stalking bears, it ended up being a great night and rather toasty in the tent with a sleeping bag.  The only snag was that our food was discovered and devoured by a raccoon.  He or she was particularly partial to the cheese sticks!

Adroit raccoon consumes every crumb of cheese.

The next morning we hung out by for a while enjoying the morning and the HUGE mosquitos, then headed back down the mountain to hang out with the grandparents.

Kami and Jason Offer Themselves to the Mosquitos

After lunch and some very relaxing front porch time, Jason led us on a “one-hour” ATV ride.

Miah in his sexy riding outfit.

4 hours later, after  dusty backroad travel, climbing the mountain, and finishing a bag of Twizzlers, we wrapped up our “1-hour” ride.  We said goodbye our grandparents and headed back to Salt Lake.

Jason, Grandma, Grandpa, Christie and Miah Say Goodbye before heading out.



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The Salt Lake Chronicles: Hanging at Jason’s

Following our adventure filled trip to Goblin Valley we spent a few days lolly gagging around in Salt Lake.  Miah and I both worked from Jason’s house during the day then we did excited things in the evenings.  See exhibit 1 below for proof of excitingness.

Exhibit 1: Costco

Tuesday evening Jason, Kami, Miah and I headed to a local park and practiced our long boarding.  This was my first attempt at the sport, which I enjoyed way more than I thought.  I would always jump off if the board went faster than I could run (read – I’m a wuss.)  Kami was also a newbie and she did quite well for herself – limited screaming.  For Miah and Jason the longboard was old hat – girly squeals were kept to a minimum.  The park evening gave us some time to finally hang out with Jason’s girlfriend Kami (read – scrutinize Kami with fine tooth comb.)  We did not find her wanting, so, we decided Jason could continue to see her (read – like he’d listen to us).

Miah outside the Epic Brewing Company in SLC

Wednesday, After a long day of work, Jason and Kami headed out to a wedding reception in down town Salt Lake so Miah and I were on our own for dinner.  Yelp lead us to the Epic Brewing Company.  Thank you Yelp.  We had yummy sandwiches, delicious microbrew beer and met some very nice people in the tiny “Tap-less Tap Room.”  Utah has some very strange liquor laws so Epic can not serve it’s beer on tap.  Hense the room name.

Checking out the Menu at the Tapless Tap Room

After our dinner we met Jason and Kami downtown. We walked around their open air mall and looked at all the pretty flowers and building on Temple Square.

Kami goes in for a well deserved Tackle

Miah and I happened to catch the fire mall’s water fountain fire show on the way back to our car.

Fire Fountain Show at the Mall

We returned home and watched Galaxy Quest, a classic movie about friendship, redemption, and Trekkies.  Five Stars.


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