Harvest Party History

A little event history…

Every year the Ledlie’s throw an overnight camp out party on their ranch.  All their friends show up, pitch tents, bring food and celebrate the harvest moon.  Really, it’s a just a great excuse to get together, smoke meats, eat good food, show of your latest home brew, and hang out around a camp fire until you fall asleep in your camp chair.  There are many infamous Harvest Party stories, good years, rainy years, the years we can’t talk about.  Overall, it’s just a good time.

Last year’s party…

At last years Harvest Moon Party, Christie say’s to Miah, “You know, I’d like to get married here, like you suggested once before, it’s beautiful, and if we could have a party pretty much just like the one we just had, it’d be my perfect wedding”…  Miah’s eyes lit up, “I said that?… What a good idea I had.”  From there on out we continued discussing how great it would be to get married in a way similar to the Ledlie’s harvest party.  And when we finally presented the ideas to the Ledlie’s themselves, they said, “well, why not just combine to two next year!”  “GENIUS!” we say.

And that’s how Miah and Christie decided to get married at the Ledlie Harvest Moon Party.  Hope to see you there 🙂

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