Honeymoon Day 1: London

Walking up to the Greenwich Observatory for a picnic lunch/dinner.

So, for those of you who could not make it, the wedding was AMAZING!!!  We’re starting to go through all the pictures from that, but in the mean time, we went on an amazing honeymoon!  Thanks to all those who helped us afford it 🙂  I’m going to go into more details about our days cycling through France, because I found it difficult to find good information online about cycling there prior to our trip. But, I digress…

In the beginning… there was London!

London was our city of entry and departure.  Much much cheaper than flying into any other city.  And when we booked the flight originally, all we knew was that we were going to Europe.  Inside Europe, there are cheap airline companies, we happened to find a  flight on EasyJet to Montpellier the day after we arrived.

So, we got to Heathrow and our friend and Austin-neighbor Melissa (who is conveniently in London studying), came to the airport to greet us.  We refilled the Royal-Wedding Oyster cards that Jette and Justin kindly lent us (we’ve got them for you, don’t worry) and headed out on our journey.

After stopping by our hotel (and getting a free upgrade) we set out for a day of London fun.  Melissa had planned our day for us.  First a stop at Marks and Spencer to get some delicious food, then a walk to Greenwich Park.  This was great choice since it offered a beautiful view of London while we ate.  We had an adventure afterwards looking for a toilet, and ending up back at the observatory where we started, but otherwise the outing was all fun.

After our picnic, we visited Melissa’s “posh” dorm, and walked along the Thames, before finally calling it a night.  We were grateful to Melissa for keeping us up, as we were incredibly tired once the sun went down, and Miah and I both adjusted to the time change pretty much immediately because of this.

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