Birthday Garage Sale and Race for the Cure: Great Weekend

Miah makes garage sale signs to post.

We started out the weekend by celebrating Miah’s birthday.  With a garage sale.  We had a great time- some friends came over and we sold some things.  And made a little bit of money.

Creepy Neighbor: Jason spends time looking at passers by through binoculars as Miah makes signs.

Friends Hanging Out at the Garage Sale

Birthday Cheesecake

Miah has finally reached an age when his birthday cake comes in binary.  You have to read it in reverse of what you see here since I was handing it to him the other way (100000).  I made a cheesecake with a pumpkin whipped cream.  It was tasty.  Special thanks to all who brought other delicious things to eat 🙂

The 2011 Race for the Cure Team

This morning, Miah and I set out with some awesome friends (from left to right Sonny, Miah, Christie, Dave, Silvia, Jeff, Jason and Carly) to run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  I believe this is Team Val Halen Shrez’ 4th year racing (Miah and My Second).  We dress up like 80’s rock starts with small pink shorts and try to raise some money for breast cancer research while having a good time.

Miah, Jason, and Sonny Jam

Team Van Halen Shredz on Congress

Dave, Jason, Carly and Sonny

We looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
I put together a very short video of Van Halen Shredz.

Donate Money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation here:

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