Mawage is What Brings Us Together Today

More specifically, the proposal of Mawage between two wonderful friends, David and Caroline.  I’m so excited to watch this wedding unfold, I even joined Pinterest, just to keep tabs on Carly’s every design choice, not that I don’t fully expect many hours of my life to be lured down the trail of, “ooo shiny,” and other adventures in Pinterest Land.  We enjoyed hanging out with many of our close friends at the Workhorse on Thursday afternoon.  Please enjoy these grainy photos of the event curtsy of iPhone.

Engagement Happy Hour for David and Carly at the Workhorse


Caroline and Linda Celebrate with a Shot

Justin and Miah engage in a Brother-In-Laws Forever high five while Justin practices evil mind control.

 Other Happenings This Week

Following our date night tradition, Miah and I went to Kome post happy hour and had some sushi and appetizers.  We’ve been dying to go to this place for quite some time, so we were excited to finally make it happen.

Kome Review:
We had the Miso Soup, Sunshine Roll, Go-Go Roll, and a tuna sushi dish that had crab salad in the rice.  The Sunshine Roll (Salmon, Mango, Avocado) was good, but not exceptional, and I didn’t enjoy the crab-salad rice under the tuna,  I would have preferred plain sushi.  Miso soup was Yummy.  And I would definately get the Go-Go Roll (eel, avocado, cream cheese, sauces) again.  I believe I will most likely enjoy this place overall, but we’ll need to do a better job ordering in the future.

We also attended Austin’s FrankenBike on Saturday.  Frankenbike is a bike swap meet, where people bring lots of bike stuff and sell/trade it and there’s free beer. We had fun hanging out with David (who had some bike clothing and boxes of hats to sell), while we tried to sell the wheels and few random components we brought.  We sold a wheel, drank free beer and hung out with some fun people in the austin biking community… can’t complain.

David Making a Sell

Miah Hanging Out at Frankenbike

In business news, I just wrapped up a successful semester at work.  We have children enroll in our therapy groups on a semester long basis, and this past semester was very full.  I’m now enjoying 2 weeks of less work before our summer semester starts, therefore, you can probably look forward to many exciting posts.

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