The Salt Lake Chronicles: Hanging at Jason’s

Following our adventure filled trip to Goblin Valley we spent a few days lolly gagging around in Salt Lake.  Miah and I both worked from Jason’s house during the day then we did excited things in the evenings.  See exhibit 1 below for proof of excitingness.

Exhibit 1: Costco

Tuesday evening Jason, Kami, Miah and I headed to a local park and practiced our long boarding.  This was my first attempt at the sport, which I enjoyed way more than I thought.  I would always jump off if the board went faster than I could run (read – I’m a wuss.)  Kami was also a newbie and she did quite well for herself – limited screaming.  For Miah and Jason the longboard was old hat – girly squeals were kept to a minimum.  The park evening gave us some time to finally hang out with Jason’s girlfriend Kami (read – scrutinize Kami with fine tooth comb.)  We did not find her wanting, so, we decided Jason could continue to see her (read – like he’d listen to us).

Miah outside the Epic Brewing Company in SLC

Wednesday, After a long day of work, Jason and Kami headed out to a wedding reception in down town Salt Lake so Miah and I were on our own for dinner.  Yelp lead us to the Epic Brewing Company.  Thank you Yelp.  We had yummy sandwiches, delicious microbrew beer and met some very nice people in the tiny “Tap-less Tap Room.”  Utah has some very strange liquor laws so Epic can not serve it’s beer on tap.  Hense the room name.

Checking out the Menu at the Tapless Tap Room

After our dinner we met Jason and Kami downtown. We walked around their open air mall and looked at all the pretty flowers and building on Temple Square.

Kami goes in for a well deserved Tackle

Miah and I happened to catch the fire mall’s water fountain fire show on the way back to our car.

Fire Fountain Show at the Mall

We returned home and watched Galaxy Quest, a classic movie about friendship, redemption, and Trekkies.  Five Stars.


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