The Salt Lake Chronicles: Camping in Manti -or- The Raccoon Took the Cheese

We wrapped up our adventure laden trip to the Great Salt Lake with a visit to Manti, Utah.  My grandparents retired to Manti, which is where they grew up.  I don’t get to see them all that often, so it was great to visit and to finally be able to introduce Miah to them, my aunt, and some of the cousins.  My brother’s girlfriend is a high school teacher and her summer just started so she joined us on this little pilgrimage.

Jason, Grandpa and Christie

After catching up with grandparents, we were planning on camping in the mountains by their house for the evening.  My Grandpa was amazing and spent hours fixing up some ATV’s so we could go four-wheeling.  We filled up a trailer with our crazy amount of overnight camping stuff and ventured up the mountain for the evening.

Overpacked Trailer Getting Ready to Head Up The Mountain

Miah volunteered to pull this trailer with his ATV which meant he spent most of his time in 2nd or 3rd gear.  It also meant we didn’t get up to where we were camping until after dark.


Miah, Kami, and Jason enjoy the warm glow of the fire.

Despite our fears of freezing temperatures and stalking bears, it ended up being a great night and rather toasty in the tent with a sleeping bag.  The only snag was that our food was discovered and devoured by a raccoon.  He or she was particularly partial to the cheese sticks!

Adroit raccoon consumes every crumb of cheese.

The next morning we hung out by for a while enjoying the morning and the HUGE mosquitos, then headed back down the mountain to hang out with the grandparents.

Kami and Jason Offer Themselves to the Mosquitos

After lunch and some very relaxing front porch time, Jason led us on a “one-hour” ATV ride.

Miah in his sexy riding outfit.

4 hours later, after  dusty backroad travel, climbing the mountain, and finishing a bag of Twizzlers, we wrapped up our “1-hour” ride.  We said goodbye our grandparents and headed back to Salt Lake.

Jason, Grandma, Grandpa, Christie and Miah Say Goodbye before heading out.



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