The Salt Lake Chronicles: Packing Up

Our flight home left around 3 in the afternoon, so we had a little time in Salt Lake before heading home.  Jason and I went for a morning run.  Jason took us to Kneader’s for the famous bottomless French Toast.  It was delicious and despite it’s bottomlessness I only had one portion.  I will display a beautiful picture below of our breakfast revelry.

After breakfast, Jason discovered the cherries on his tree, at first we were dismayed that they were so far out of reach until Jason realized we could crawl out of the second story window and pick lots of cherries from the roof.  This was fun.
 Following all these adventures, right before we left Jason checked KSL for me (which is like a Utah Classified Craigslist like website) and found me a cheap kindle.  I was back and forth on the kindle thing for a while since I like real books (and still do).  But, I have to admit that this is my new favorite toy and I’m loving the austin public library’s free kindle books that I can check out immediately and that expire in 2 weeks – no late fees ever (I’m sometimes bad about library late fees).
Our flight home was much less eventful than our flight out.  And we had friends on our plane which is always a fun surprise.  We learned our lesson after the first flight, checked in early, and were able to sit next to each other on both flights.  Happy ending to a really great week in Utah.

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