Who’d a Dunk It – Monday with Miah

I tell you what… If you have missed the last 2 Monday with Miah’s you have missed out.  The food this week was incredible.  The weather was hot, but not too bad, and the inflatable pool outside died quickly and made a wet mess, but, it cooled our feet first.  I’m working on getting some more of the recipes together from the amazing dishes that came – See examples below.

Top Left- Carly's Biscotti with Amaretto, Top Right - Nancy's Corn Salsa, Bottom Left - Katie's Spinach Artichoke Dip, Bottom Right - Jett and Justin's Homemade Oreos

Voting was rough this time due to the large number of amazing dishes.  The top 3 scores went to…

Tied for 2nd – 

 Miah and Christie’s Ceviche

This dish was based on this Simple Peruvian Ceviche recipe.  For the fish we used Mahi-Mahi that Miah picked up at Quality Sea Food.  We added some fresh picked tomatos from the garden, and avocado to the finished product and served it on tortilla chips.


Also Tied for Second –

Chris and Subina’s Turkey Chili

Subina gave the following details on our Facebook group page. “My recipe was a slight variation of this one from food network. added some veggie juice and cumin/curry. Also left out the chili powder because chipotle peppers are spicy enough on their own! Turkey Chili Recipe ”


AND the Winner of this weeks MWM Complete with 10 Points and Lots of Bragging Rights is….

 Alison and Giacomo’s Chicken Satay

Alison said, “I used this as a starting point:
Tasty Kitchen: Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
There aren’t any measurements on the site, but it’s more fun that way! ”

And it very super tasty, so I’m inclined to believe her.


Making the current MWM totals:

Christie and Miah……… 15
Alison and Giacomo…… 13
Carly and David…………. 5
Subina and Chris……….. 5

NEXT Week – Pretentious First Date – Take from this whatever you want… There will be deliciousness.

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