5 month recap!

Commencing massive memory dump.

  •  “Bean there, done that. ” or “Legume my dish!” –  The food was so particularly delicious that we forgot to vote.  Lucky for me this is more of a dictatorship than a democracy, so I declare my pumpkin chili the winner and give myself for 100 gazillion points, which puts us in 2nd place, right behind your mom 😀
  • “Gourdgeous” – Hot damn this was a good theme!  Not only did everything taste spectacular, but it had the added benefit of cleaning out our insides. I swear, I didn’t rig this one, but it was a Petersen family sweep.
    1. Pumpkin Fondue – Miah and Christie
    2. Curry – John
    3. Acorn quesedillas – Jette and Justin
  • “Dial M for Muffin!”  It should have been “Dial mmmmmmm for Muffin” but oh well.  Seriously, I am sure that I have never been as full at a MwM as I was at this one. Who knew that things so small could be so filling!
    1. Ba-na-na-nah <—- Who made this? I made no notes
    2. Pumpkin donut muffin + meatball muffins – Nancy
    3. Cookie Pie Muffin <—- Who made this? I made no notes
  • “Upstairs/Downstairs” (Dave and Carly)  The third place winner of the meta-potluck potluck was equal parts posh and poor.  There is no record of voting in our master voting booklet, which means that normally I’d just give myself another 1.2 thousand million points, but we made olive caviar and it was DISGUSTING, bleh bleh yuck.  So instead, I’m going to give 2 points to dave and carly for what is possibly my favorite dish name of all time, well at least the best of the ones that I can remember off the top of my head.
    1. The Slovenly Josephs – Dave and Carly
  • “Food on a stick” (Lindsay)  As second place winner of the meta-potluck potluck I expected more shish-kebab to, but we had more pie pops than anything really.
    1. Thanksgiving on a Stick – Dave and Carly
    2. Brie and Jam poptarts on a Stick – Allison and Giacomo
    3. First person to send me the name of their dish that I remember gets third since I can’t find the scoring sheet!
  • “Scandelicious” (Lauren) The big winner from the meta-potluck potluck did not turn into food represetations of the erotic debauchery that I expected.  Way to keep your minds out of the gutters people!
    1. Performance Enhancing Shortcake with Blood-Doping Jam & Steroid Cream – Lindsay
    2. White on Black Action – Sebastian
    3. Monica Meatcake – (who did this?)
  •  “Are you themeing behind my back?” – The meta-potluck to rule all potlucks!  It was a stroke of pure genius if you ask, not only was it delicious, but I didn’t have to work for nearly two months to get a good theme. 🙂  We judged the dishes and their respective themes separately, points for all.
    • Dishes:
      1. Pesto Pockets- Miah and Christie
      2. S’mores on a stick – Lindsay
      3. Chicken Enchiladas – Lauren
    • Themes:
      1. “Scandelicious” – Lauren
      2. “Food on a stick” – Lindsay
      3. “Upstairs/Downstairs” – Dave and Carly
  • Admiral Snackbar – It’s a wrap”  Oh how I wish I could claim credit for this theme(Jette) and the illustration(some one I don’t know), but alas, I can do neither, I’m just the facilitator
    1. Panini Napoletani – Giacomo and Allison
    2. Mini-apple Pies a la Mode – (who did this?)
    3. Leave the Gun, take the Cannoli – (who did this?)
  • “The Pretentious First Date”
    1. Olive Oil Ice cream – Jette and Justin
    2. Polenta Lasagna – Miah and Christie
    3. Waffles – Alana

And now we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.   Tomorrow is Cinqo de Miah+Subina!

If you have any pics or recipes for any of these dishes, send them my way and I’ll get them posted.

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