Miah’s Feverish Birthday – A Coffin and a Chu-Chu

Miah turned 33 this week!  We spent the whole week celebrating.  We started off with a “Cinco de Miah” themed potluck — Somebodies clever, but we can’t remember who.  On Miah’s birthday we had a giant birthday feast with all the austin family.  We went to our birthday standby, Korea House.  Bulgogi, Duck, and Chop Chae were enjoyed by all.  If you come to Austin, are interested in Korean food, and we haven’t taken you here.  Make sure that happens.  Our family is awesome.

Friday we got to spend some extra birthday hang out time with Amanda and Dan.  Facetime is one of my favorite modern technologies.  Amanda and Dan watched Miah open the present she got him (the game Yggdrasil – review to come).  And then through the magic of iPad, then hung out with us and our friends for the rest of the evening.  Sometimes I think it would be super awesome to zap someone from 200 years ago into my situation and watch them freak out.  This was one of those moments.

Saturday night was the coffin and chu-chu party.  A little hard to explain, but Miah has been interested in having a coffin party for some time now.  The food or drinks would be located inside a coffin, yes, originally this was suppose to be a halloween idea, but Miah kept his dream alive after the holidays had past, and for his birthday his dream was realized.  My friend Alana and I drove to San Antonio (her mother has a vampire coffin there, that she used for a party once) to collect the coffin.  We drove it back to Austin and kept it in my parents van until party day.

Now for the Chu-Chu part.  Miah’s favorite game in college was chu-chu rocket, he spent many hours playing this game with his best friend, Thomas Brown.  Miah had ambitions of playing this game on the big screen as part of our wedding festivities, but this dream was never realized.  So, for his birthday, I borrowed a friends projector screen, and we hooked up the game to the projector and flew lots of mice to the moon full of cheese (the premise of the game).  It was a blast.

I had lots of amazing help getting the party up and running.  Alyson traveled with me to get last minute supplies and set up outside and Jett and Justin finished off the hot work in the kitchen cooking all the foods that had to be cooked last minute.

Jett fries up pot stickers.


Justin preps goat cheese tomatos.

Alyson setting up the craft table.

The last super fun part of this party was the tee-shirt fashion show.  If you are a person who has met Miah, you might have noticed his love for funny, ironic, or clever tee-shirts.  Because of this, we had a tee-shirt decorating station at the party packed with shirts, tee-shirt markers, paints and iron-on letters.  People were encouraged to make Miah a shirt, and at the end of the night, there was a fashion show.  Here’s how it went down…

Runway Review

Miah’s starts the show with Dana’s orignal piece, “I burn you,” followed by Cam’s “I heart stupid puns,” signed by the designer. This set is rounded out with the Garyet’s “Pensive Bowie.”


Miah starts the second set with the a controversial McDave piece, “Thank You Al Gore for Porn” followed by Marsh’s nostalgic homage to the, “Dial Tone,” ending with an abstract by Giacomo of the model himself.


Famed designer Linda introduced a new element of class with her 2 sided work, “Why are you grilling me,” which can only be assumed is taken from the now legendary potluck theme.


Things brighten up, as Alyson’s work, “I bike, go fast,” on neon orange showcases both style and safety while highlighting Miah’s love of the bike and “going fast.”


The show raps up with the designer super duo Jett&Cars present, “I’m outstanding in My Field,” the deliberate typo in the first edition make it worth close to $9,000,000 at auction today, if were able to be located. McDave’s second, less controversal and more colorful piece “Miah Not Maya,” brought some much needed yellow lettering to the event and the Christie’s ode to Miah’s bright blue eyes, finished the show with a, “pop.”

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