Cinco de Miah – Monday with Miah

October 5, 2012 – Cinco de Miah

This potluck was full of tasty Miah themed treats.

John’s Pepper Covered Truffle Plate, Petersen Pumpkin Fondue, Jeff’s Hummus, Ravo’s Mango Salsa, and Henderson’s Perogies

Many amazing things came to this event, however, I have no memory of things unless there is photographic evidence.  A few samples are above.

I highly recommend the Pumpkin Fondue recipe if you have a spare pumpkin around after the holidays.  No voting took place at this event so I have no new tallies for you this week.

In exciting happenings, we got a visit from first time pot-lucker and very appropriately named, “Cinco” the puppy (See photo with Richard below).

See you next week!


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