Boy or Grill!!! Gender Reveal Party

Boy or Grill: What’s in Stork for the Petersens!

Our wonderful sister(in-law) offered to throw us a gender reveal party.  The basics went like this.  We had our sonogram on Monday.  We told the sonographer that we didn’t want to know then, but we wanted her to write it down for us and put the answer in an envelope.  Our little one however, made this very hard and was curled up in a ball the entire time.  The sonogram went well, we were able to see our baby up on the screen and though we are waiting for the final OK from the radiologist, baby seemed to be healthy.  At the end the sonographer said that she felt confident enough to give us her best educated guess.  And she wrote that down for us.  Miah then delivered that envelope to Jette and Justin (who we later learned opened the envelope that moment).  Miah and I, had to wait until Saturday for the good news.  I’m still waiting for most of the pictures, Jette has a wonderful friend Elana, who helps with most of the prep work and whose husband, David, took lots of great pictures.  When I get those shots in I’ll post some as well.


Decorations and Bocce Ball!

Miah laser cut these bows that you could place on your head (girl) or neck (boy) they also served as fun play things for the kids.


Jette and Elana (the Organizers) unwind before guests arrive.

And for the grand finale, Miah and I cut the cake to reveal….

It’s a Girl!!!

Honestly, though we were both really clueless, all of our friends have been having girls, therefore, we were pretty set that we were gonna have a boy to keep the universe balanced. I, personally, was shocked when I got a hint of pink inside the cake, but happily so.  With all our friends having girls and my sister having a girl 3 months ahead, I’m pretty excited to be joining the club.

And can I just say… What an amazing cake!  Lots of hugs to Jette, Justin, Elana, and David and everyone that could share this day with us.

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