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5 month recap!

Commencing massive memory dump.  “Bean there, done that. ” or “Legume my dish!” –  The food was so particularly delicious that we forgot to vote.  Lucky for me this is more of a dictatorship than a democracy, so I declare my pumpkin chili the winner and give myself for 100 gazillion points, which puts us […]

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The Salt Lake Chronicles: Hanging at Jason’s

Following our adventure filled trip to Goblin Valley we spent a few days lolly gagging around in Salt Lake.  Miah and I both worked from Jason’s house during the day then we did excited things in the evenings.  See exhibit 1 below for proof of excitingness. Exhibit 1: Costco Tuesday evening Jason, Kami, Miah and I headed to […]

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Salt Lake Chronicles: The Goblin Valley, or how not to climb a mushroom

Have you seen Galaxy Quest? Do you remember the scene where Tim Allen fights the rock monster?  If you answered no to either of the questions, go rent and watch it.  Two reasons: It is a funny movie(especieally if you watched any Start Trek growing up) We camped there on Sunday night. The Goblin Valley is […]

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Wedding Pictures

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If you are going to use the google to help direct you, then use the address 156 martin ranch rd, McDade Tx 78650 If you want turn by turn directions, well here they are 🙂 From austin: 1. Get on 290 headed east. 2. After you pass Elgin, it’s about 10 miles to the […]

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Potluck planning, kinda sorta

Fancy data visualization will happen.

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Weather in October

Well it’s not as much a crapshoot as I thought!  The average high is 80, with about a 5% chance of rain! You can check out the forecast based on historical precendent over at this new site called WeatherSpark, it’s pretty neat!

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