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“Look: We cant go back and we certainly don’t want to stay here, so we just must keep on going as we were before these little things happened. Down. Down is our direction… but I can tell you’re a bit edgy about all this, so, out of the goodness of my heart, I will let you walk down not behind me, and not in front of me, but right next to me, on the same step, stride for stride, and you put an arm around my shoulder, because that will probably make you feel better, and I, so as not to make you feel foolish, will put an arm around your shoulder, and thus, safe and protected, we will descend.”
“Will you draw your sword with your free hand?”
“I already have. Will you make a fist with yours.”
“It’s clenched.”
“Then let’s look on the bright side: we’re having an adventure… and most people live and die without being as lucky as we are.”
-The Princess Bride, William Goldman

Little Duck Arrives!!!

I meant for this to be a short version of the birth story, but, it ended up much longer.  If you are interested in a detailed birth story enjoy!  Or if you’d rather, just skip to the pictures at the bottom. Miah and I were planning on having a work day at Building BLOCS (my […]

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Boy or Grill!!! Gender Reveal Party

Our wonderful sister(in-law) offered to throw us a gender reveal party.  The basics went like this.  We had our sonogram on Monday.  We told the sonographer that we didn’t want to know then, but we wanted her to write it down for us and put the answer in an envelope.  Our little one however, made […]

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Wall Decor

Miah’s good friends Neil and Diane bought us this really cool bike print when we got married, I got Miah another bike/bird print for our “paper” one-year anniversary.  It took us a year to hang things up, but, we did it!  

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Miah’s Feverish Birthday – A Coffin and a Chu-Chu

Miah turned 33 this week!  We spent the whole week celebrating.  We started off with a “Cinco de Miah” themed potluck — Somebodies clever, but we can’t remember who.  On Miah’s birthday we had a giant birthday feast with all the austin family.  We went to our birthday standby, Korea House.  Bulgogi, Duck, and Chop […]

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The Salt Lake Chronicles: Packing Up

Our flight home left around 3 in the afternoon, so we had a little time in Salt Lake before heading home.  Jason and I went for a morning run.  Jason took us to Kneader’s for the famous bottomless French Toast.  It was delicious and despite it’s bottomlessness I only had one portion.  I will display a beautiful picture […]

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The Salt Lake Chronicles: Camping in Manti -or- The Raccoon Took the Cheese

We wrapped up our adventure laden trip to the Great Salt Lake with a visit to Manti, Utah.  My grandparents retired to Manti, which is where they grew up.  I don’t get to see them all that often, so it was great to visit and to finally be able to introduce Miah to them, my […]

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The Salt Lake Chronicles: Hanging at Jason’s

Following our adventure filled trip to Goblin Valley we spent a few days lolly gagging around in Salt Lake.  Miah and I both worked from Jason’s house during the day then we did excited things in the evenings.  See exhibit 1 below for proof of excitingness. Exhibit 1: Costco Tuesday evening Jason, Kami, Miah and I headed to […]

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Salt Lake Chronicles: The Goblin Valley, or how not to climb a mushroom

Have you seen Galaxy Quest? Do you remember the scene where Tim Allen fights the rock monster?  If you answered no to either of the questions, go rent and watch it.  Two reasons: It is a funny movie(especieally if you watched any Start Trek growing up) We camped there on Sunday night. The Goblin Valley is […]

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The Salt Lake Chronicles: The Art of Airsickness

Miah and I have ventured to the Salt Lake Valley for a week long vacation with my youngest brother Jason.  Our adventure, like many adventures, began with a plane ride, followed by a long layover, then a delay, delay, gate change, delay, and finally a barf bag worthy plane ride.  Miah says it was a […]

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Homemade Laundry Detergent

So, for the life of me, I can’t remember who brought up this idea to me.  But, I someone did and I was intrigued with the idea of making cheap, more environmentally friendly laundry detergent.  After looking around online, I decided to try the recipe I found on this sight: The recipe is super […]

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