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“Look: We cant go back and we certainly don’t want to stay here, so we just must keep on going as we were before these little things happened. Down. Down is our direction… but I can tell you’re a bit edgy about all this, so, out of the goodness of my heart, I will let you walk down not behind me, and not in front of me, but right next to me, on the same step, stride for stride, and you put an arm around my shoulder, because that will probably make you feel better, and I, so as not to make you feel foolish, will put an arm around your shoulder, and thus, safe and protected, we will descend.”
“Will you draw your sword with your free hand?”
“I already have. Will you make a fist with yours.”
“It’s clenched.”
“Then let’s look on the bright side: we’re having an adventure… and most people live and die without being as lucky as we are.”
-The Princess Bride, William Goldman

Mawage is What Brings Us Together Today

More specifically, the proposal of Mawage between two wonderful friends, David and Caroline.  I’m so excited to watch this wedding unfold, I even joined Pinterest, just to keep tabs on Carly’s every design choice, not that I don’t fully expect many hours of my life to be lured down the trail of, “ooo shiny,” and […]

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Birthday Garage Sale and Race for the Cure: Great Weekend

We started out the weekend by celebrating Miah’s birthday.  With a garage sale.  We had a great time- some friends came over and we sold some things.  And made a little bit of money. Miah has finally reached an age when his birthday cake comes in binary.  You have to read it in reverse of […]

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If you are going to use the google to help direct you, then use the address 156 martin ranch rd, McDade Tx 78650 If you want turn by turn directions, well here they are 🙂 From austin: 1. Get on 290 headed east. 2. After you pass Elgin, it’s about 10 miles to the […]

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The Invitation

or watch it on youtube

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A Few Wedding Details

-The ranch address is: 245 Country Lane McDade, 78650 It’s a potluck. Please sign up below with the item(s) you’d like to bring so we can make sure we have the essentials covered. If you have a cooler, we’d love it if you brought it. Ceremony is at 6:30, up the hill at the parents […]

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Potluck planning, kinda sorta

Fancy data visualization will happen.

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